Havensight Consulting’s experts helped design SAP’s mobile solutions, and we specialize in developing SAP mobile apps and configuring back-end modules to optimize your business workflows. Here are some helpful resources to help you understand how we work with clients to develop the right solutions and how you can achieve similar results.


SAP Mobile Advisors – Achieving Desired Business Outcomes

Learn how we are helping businesses achieve their goals.

Building and Optimizing Mobile SAP Solutions

Watch our video to learn more about Havensight Consulting and how we help you implement mobile solutions to digitize, streamline and automate your SAP workflows.

SAP Warehouse Management

Learn how our team helped Zekelman Industries replace an outdated and difficult to use mobile solution for their warehouse workers with a modern SAP interface.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Learn how a global gaming manufacturer transitioned from SAP Console to a modern SAP Native mobile solution for their warehouses.

SAP Mobility – Asset and Inventory Management for Field Workers

Havensight is a safe haven for EAM related software and professional services. For more than 25 years, our highly experienced team has specialized in stabilizing and improving SAP deployments for customers, including those that were either not completed or deployed improperly by other systems integrators.

How to Gain Control of Your MRO Inventory

Watch this five-minute video and learn how the Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha is saving two-man years annually with SAP Mobile Inventory Templates (MIT) by Havensight.


Developing an SAP Mobile Inventory App with UI5 vs. ITS Mobile

If you’re looking to develop a mobile app for SAP inventory management, or you need to upgrade an existing app, one of your key decisions is whether to develop your new app using SAP UI5 or ITS Mobile.

Steel Company

Zekelman Industries: Replacing a Legacy SAP Mobile App

Learn how Havensight Consulting and Zebra teamed up to help an international steel products company migrate and upgrade its legacy SAP mobile app to a new, modern and secure software and hardware platform.

Better SAP

Global Manufacturer Deploys New SAP Native Mobile Inventory App

Havensight and Zebra team up to solve legacy SAPConsole telnet security challenges using Havensight’s Mobile Inventory Templates (MIT).


How to Mobilize and Enable SAP Workflows Anywhere

Download our quick-reference eBook to learn how we solve the four biggest SAP challenges with mobile solutions.

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