Why Havensight Uses Mirata for Digital Work Order Transformation

The Mirata Digital Forms Platform enables Business Units to easily create forms and workflow without IT resources while still allowing Corporate IT to maintain control over data, security and standards. Business value is rapidly achieved through their cost-effective, enterprise-grade technology platform.

Tablet use

The Mirata Digital Platform is used across large enterprises in the following areas:

Maintenance/Field ServiceMaintenance work orders, inspections, permitting, certification
Supply Chain/Materials ManagementHazardous material tracking, movement, and receipts
Production/QualityProduction orders, quality inspections, operator rounds, operator daily checklists, certifications
Vendor/SubcontractorsClosed loop processes with vendors and subcontractors

Mirata is a single digital forms platform that can be used to meet all your cases within a department and across all departments. This platform does the following:


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