Supporting Mobile Apps Without Additional Staffing

IT budgets used to be robust and resources plentiful, remember those days?

Many of our customers have been doing more with less as companies look for ways to trim budgets and become even more competitive in a global economy. At the same time, applications and systems are more diverse as companies look for “best of breed” offerings to further their cost saving initiatives.

As these two concepts diverge, IT leadership is tasked with maintaining order and using software and systems to create a competitive differentiation in the marketplace.

Sound familiar?


As technology evolves, organizations continue to deploy new solutions to advance business. While this advancement is key, it can add extra stress to internal IT teams who are left to maintain more solutions with the same amount of resources. Not only is it stressful for IT teams to be spread thin in order to maintain more solutions, but each solution requires different knowledge and expertise. Supporting these applications can quickly get out of hand.

Problem solved:

Now imagine if your IT team could be expanded, both in size and knowledge, practically overnight. With Havensight’s Priority Customer Assistance Program, also known as PCAP, this is now possible. PCAP acts as an extension of your team and provides you with specialists focused on the solutions you support. Your IT team shouldn’t struggle while the rest of your business thrives. Help them thrive too by providing them with the resources they deserve.

The Priority Customer Assistance Program offers:

  • Dedicated resource availability
  • Annual health check
  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Resource availability for enhancement requests
  • Three program levels

Support your mobile applications:

  • SAP Work Manager
  • SAP Asset Manager
  • SAP Inventory Manager
  • SAP Fiori Apps
  • Maximo Anywhere Mobile Applications
  • SAP Work Manager for Maximo
  • SAP Rounds Manager for Maximo
  • SAP Inventory Manager for Maximo

You don’t need to choose between advancing your IT solutions or sticking to your IT budget. With PCAP, you have the power to lead your IT team to success while keeping your budget in check. Havensight offers 3 program levels – Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Schedule a free assessment to find out which option would best fit your organization’s needs and goals.

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