The Top 4 Problems Maintenance Managers Face

Time and time again, we have heard from successful, industry leading Maintenance Managers looking for a way to more effectively manage their teams and assets. 

In this post, we’ve laid out the top 4 features they have been asking for:

1. I want to see the work assigned to all my technicians in one place

Having work orders scattered and separated by technician type can be frustrating. By putting all of the work assigned to their technicians in one place, managers are able to have a better overall view of their maintenance activities.

2. I want to be able to reassign work to different resources, individually or in bulk

In a typical case where a manager wants to reassign a work order, the manager logs into SAP, pulls up a transaction code, looks at each assignment individually and reassigns them to other workers one by one. This can easily become a tedious task if there are multiple work orders to be reassigned.

3. I want to review and approve work orders that my technicians complete all in one place

Reviewing and approving work orders individually can become time consuming. It can be difficult when having to switch between different types of maintenance workers and projects too.

4. I want to be able to change or append instructions on work orders in the field

Finally, the ability to go into a work order and correct errors and add additional detail was highly sought after. The requests ranged from editing the long text of a work order to seeing the components consumed.

If these gaps sound familiar to you, we’ve created the Productivity Manager which accommodates all of these activities. This solution is an add-on for your current SAP EAM environment and is a quick way to visualize your maintenance team’s activities.

If you’re interested in seeing a 15 minute demo of this dashboard and hearing more about how it can benefit your maintenance team, please schedule a time that would work best for you by clicking here:

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