Who We Are

At Havensight Consulting, we’re a certified SAP partner that specializes in building SAP mobile solutions and creating optimal back-end configurations for the enterprise. Our experts helped build SAP’s Mobile Platform as well as its SAP SAP Work Manager and SAP Inventory Manager solutions, and we have hundreds of years combined experience with SAP integrations, app development, and enhancements. We’ve provided thousands of deployments for hundreds of customers across many different industries.

We create solutions that digitize, streamline and transform business processes for the better, using native SAP technology and the SAPUI5 framework, ensuring compatibility with SAP ECC 6.0 and S4/HANA. We provide pre-built and custom mobile solutions, add features and mobile capabilities to SAP, improve your data synchronization and digital experience, and help you enable more productive and efficient operations with mobilized and digital processes.

We work together with SAP and our hardware and software partners to provide expert services and guidance to solve your biggest business challenges and help you maximize the value of SAP.

Our Navigating Principles

By the law of the sea, a “Safe Haven” is a port for a ship to take refuge in during hazardous times. Think of Havensight as your “safe haven” for SAP-related mobile software, back-end configuration, and support services. Our highly experienced team has been building and improving SAP mobile applications for nearly three decades, and we also specialize in repairing, upgrading and enhancing integrations provided by other systems integrators. Whether you’re trying to go paperless and digital, work more efficiently, or fix apps or back-end configurations that aren’t delivering for your business, we help guide you out of the choppy waters into the calm sea of the high-performance, reliable and dependable SAP mobile solutions.

Our History

Havensight has deep roots with SAP mobility solutions. Our team is the same group that founded Syclo in 1995 and created SAP’s Mobile Platform and solutions that run on it, such as SAP Work Manager and SAP Inventory Manager. After Syclo was acquired by SAP in 2012, our team founded Havensight to combine our SAP and mobility expertise and focus on implementing these products for SAP customers and end users.

We continue to work closely with SAP, serving on its mobile products Influence Committee and partnering with SAP’s product teams to create and support highly effective solutions for our customers. Additionally, we have expanded our capability to support deployments of SAP back-end modules like Plant Maintenance, Materials Management, Extended Warehouse Management as well as EAM modules like Service and Asset Manager, Resource Scheduling, Asset Performance Management, and much more.

We take a pragmatic approach to projects to ensure that our clients always receive the full and intended business benefits of their SAP and mobile solution investment. We’ve been guided by this culture since the early days of Syclo, leading us to now having thousands of deployments for hundreds of customers.

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