SAP Asset Manager: Support Your Cloud Strategy

The previous two segments of this series focused on choosing between SAP Work Manager and SAP Asset Manager and exploring the technical benefits of SAP Asset Manager.

This final segment of our series is focused on the transition to SAP Asset Manager. Based upon our implementation experience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to deploying SAP Asset Manager. In the sections below, you will find answers to these FAQs, followed by a step by step process specific to your deployment method.

Frequently Asked Questions About SAP Asset Manager:

Does SAP Asset Manager work with ECC?

In general, SAP Asset Manager will work with your ECC implementation.

Do I need to upgrade to S/4 HANA before implementing SAP Asset Manager?

No, if your ECC system is up-to-date then you will be able to implement SAP Asset Manager. It is not necessary to first transition to S/4 HANA.

What is the level of effort to migrate an SAP Asset Manager deployed with ECC to a future S/4 HANA landscape?

The migration is a low risk project that requires a minimal level of effort. The SAP Asset Manager application for S/4 HANA remains unchanged from its ECC counterpart due to the flexibility of the SAP cloud connector.

What are the requirements for shifting from SAP Work Manager to SAP Asset Manager?

The primary change in moving from SAP Work Manager to SAP Asset Manager is deploying the solution in the Cloud. The transition also requires evaluating SAP Work Manager configurations specific to your business and bringing them forward to SAP Asset Manager. If your organization has adopted a cloud first IT strategy, SAP Asset Manager is an ideal product to start with. The deployment is easy and low risk as only the application (and not your data) is stored in the Cloud.

Which devices are compatible with SAP Asset Manager?

Currently SAP Asset Manager supports iOS and Android devices, both phone and tablet form factors. For those customers running SAP Work Manager on a Windows device, a phase of your SAP Asset Manager deployment will include migrating to iOS or Android devices.

Can I convert the changes made on our SAP Work Manager application to SAP Asset Manager?

Any backend ABAP integration changes made to your SAP Work Manager application will transfer to a new SAP Asset Manager deployment. This is possible because both products use the same backend integration components. Client-side SAP Work Manager enhancements specific to your workflow will also need to be migrated to SAP Asset Manager. Havensight has tools and processes to guide customers through the transition.

SAP Mobile EAM Solution Deployment Processes:

When taking customers from SAP Work Manager to SAP Asset Manager, we begin with these high-level tasks:

  • Validate the version of your SAP Work Manager Add-on
  • Configure the SAP Cloud Connector
  • Complete a gap analysis
  • Evaluate which SAP Work Manager enhancements to migrate to SAP Asset Manager
  • Deploy the required enhancements to SAP Asset Manager
  • Go live

We understand that you may have questions which are specific to your organization’s requirements, but we hope this series has been helpful as your SAP mobile strategy evolves. If you are assessing the feasibility of deploying an SAP cloud-based mobility solution and would like to have a discussion with the Havensight Consulting team, please click here to schedule a call.

If you’ve already made the decision to transition from SAP Work Manager to SAP Asset Manager, we’ve created migration tools that streamline the conversion process which we’ll be describing in an upcoming white paper. If you’d like to learn more about how these tools ease the transition and limit risk now, please click here to set up a short discussion.

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