Enable Maintenance Managers to Improve Maintenance Productivity While in the Field

Thousands of organizations worldwide have adopted and deployed SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and SAP Mobile Work Manager (WM) to manage maintenance of enterprise wide assets.

These applications are intended to improve productivity and equipment uptime while reducing maintenance costs. These incredibly powerful tools have transformed the maintenance process, however, there are functional gaps which inhibit organizations from maximizing return on investment and achieving operational excellence.


One of these gaps is the inability to manage maintenance teams while on-the-go. These applications force supervisors to be tethered to their desks instead of out in the field. They also lack visibility of maintenance teams and work status in real time. When unplanned situations occur, the inefficient processes and limited communication abilities caused by these gaps are intensified.

Problem Solved

What if your maintenance managers could monitor how maintenance activities are progressing while away from their desks and re-assign work as needed to maximize productivity and reduce costs? They can with our new Mobile Productivity Manager product.

Mobile Productivity Manager gives maintenance managers the ability to:

  • See what their maintenance team is working on
  • See where their maintenance team is working
  • Actively manage their team
  • Validate that jobs are done right

The platform pairs with SAP and aggregates location, status, work order and technician data into simple graphics, maps, and tiles. These screens are available to managers on mobile devices, enabling maintenance supervisors to manage staff from the office or in the field.

With this application, we believe that you are on the path to increasing equipment uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and increasing productivity.

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