SAP Asset Manager: How IT and the Business Both Win

In part 1 of this 3 part series on SAP Asset Manager and SAP Work Manager, we gave a brief overview of both products and provided a few factors companies should weigh when deciding if SAP Asset Manager or SAP Work Manager is right for their organization.

This segment will dig deeper into the SAP Asset Manager deployment process and how it provides advantages to both Business and IT teams.

Business Benefits of SAP Asset Manager

One aspect to consider when implementing a new mobility solution is the amount of time required to realize your planned return on investment (ROI). SAP Asset Manager is cloud-based, which provides the following benefits to your business:

  • Implementations are relatively short in duration and less of a burden on your internal resources, time to value is compressed and your organization will realize financial benefits sooner (ROI).
  • The implementation of SAP Asset Manager in the Cloud can be executed remotely by a dedicated team, lowering project timeline and expenses
  • While On-Prem software requires additional resources to implement, cloud deployments are enabled by Havensight and SAP so your IT resources can be allocated to high priority strategic initiatives
  • Being cloud-based means that you will receive on-going product updates and enhancements without a costly upgrade cycle.

Technical Benefits of SAP Asset Manager

The benefits of this solution also extend to the technical side of the ledger. SAP Asset Manager enables your team to achieve increased security while deploying long standing and industry tested SAP technology.

  • The SAP Mobile Add-On has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of users over 2 decades. It leverages the same technology used in other SAP mobile products and is the only component your basis team will be required to support during the installation process.
  • Increased security of your data is made possible through the SAP Cloud Connector. This component is used for securely connecting your SAP backend data with the Cloud Platform and ensures your information remains safe and secure.
  • Since the Cloud infrastructure is maintained by SAP, support for the hardware required to run the solution in the Cloud is provided by SAP and thus the expense of maintenance does not fall on your organization.

Whether you are focused on the business or technical benefits described in this blog, SAP Asset Manager’s deployment and consumption models help companies achieve ROI quickly and with limited disruption to their internal staff. These projects have a near immediate impact, improving response time and asset life while making life a little easier for field resources.

In part 3 of this series, we will tackle the topic of moving from SAP Work Manager to SAP Asset Manager.

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