Customer Perspectives on Outsourcing IT Support

Advancing and maintaining enterprise solutions while managing multiple high priority initiatives is a challenge many organizations face today. In a previous post, we covered how businesses can leverage our Priority Customer Assistance Program (PCAP) to support mobile applications without additional staffing.

This segment will highlight additional benefits our customers experience by participating in the program and how these benefits have allowed their internal resources to be more impactful on high priority strategic initiatives.

Havensight offers PCAP to any customer who has deployed solutions, regardless of whether or not we provided the original implementation services. This program is available to any organization looking for additional methods to support their users while ensuring optimal system performance.

Case 1 – Reduce Time to Value for IT Related Projects

One of our longtime customers in the Mining space is always looking for new ways to create business value for their users. To assist them with this mission, we helped their teams implement application modifications as required to ensure the application aligned with changing business needs. These annual enhancements were previously completed as small projects, each needing their own budget and approval.

This past year, the customer enrolled in a Priority Customer Assistance Program. PCAP helped solidify their budget early in the year and eliminated the unplanned request and emergency approval cycle they previously used for modifications. In addition to budget certainty, they also secured more time through this program for modifications, as the effective hourly rate is lower for PCAP customers. This customer is now able to meet the needs of their users with immediate response and action, without hiring additional staff. Ultimately, IT is able to reduce time to value when addressing evolving business requirements.

Case 2 – Supplemental Staff

A US based utilities provider faced a number of the challenges we discussed in our previous PCAP segment – the organization reduced staff on the IT team while they continued to expand deployment of production IT systems. Each of these additional solutions required independent support protocols and their limited internal IT team struggled to provide timely responses when user-related support issues occurred.

The Priority Customer Assistance Program allowed this customer to improve end user responsiveness, without the need to hire additional staff. Havensight’s resources act as an extension to the customers’ IT team and allow managers the flexibility to reallocate internal resources to higher priority activities. This change helped improve overall IT responsiveness to the business.

Case 3 – Depth of Knowledge and Experience

When organizations look outside to extend their internal IT teams, the primary measuring stick of external resources is knowledge and experience. Companies seek resources that possess sufficient knowledge of their solutions and experience in their industry. A steel producer we work with was concerned about balancing these factors when they began speaking to us about PCAP. Because of our deep knowledge and expertise, when challenges arise, we are able to quickly triage, troubleshoot, and resolve issues.

PCAP offered their operational team resources that have both the necessary skills and availability to complete support requests, along with a deep understanding of their industry and business. This long-term customer was able to confidently turn support for a complex workflow application, with which we have extensive experience, over to our team. When combining this experience with immediate responses to support requests, this customer’s business continues to thrive as we work together to prevent and minimize system disruptions.

In addition to reducing time to value for IT projects and adding supplemental staff with depth of knowledge and experience, Havensight’s Priority Customer Assistance Program includes an annual Health Check. This component of the program is designed to proactively minimize system challenges while preventing downtime and optimizing system performance. We believe it is best to pro-actively address issues before they become problems that impact users. The Health Check focuses on specific areas of each application related to performance, message logging and other criteria that expose trends which highlight potential service disruptions to mission critical enterprise solutions if left unaddressed. PCAP allows our team to create a plan to avoid IT disruptions before they occur.

The Priority Customer Assistance Program ensures the support your team requires while also allowing IT teams to tightly manage their budget. Let’s discuss how PCAP can extend your team and help service your stakeholders more effectively.

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