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Our Approach

Our approach is to focus on enabling SAP native software wherever and whenever possible. This approach ensures our clients maximize their ROI with their SAP investment


We have identified areas where there are gaps within SAP functionality which, when addressed, will provide material business benefit to our clients.  Our experience with SAP allows for us to make long term investment decisions related to SAP white space “add-ons.” 


We fill the gaps, everyone wins!

SAP Native Software Enablers

Asset Manager Extensions
SAP UI5 Inventory Transactions

Sample Extensions: 

  • 21 CFR Part 11 E-Signature Support

  • Work Order Self Assignment

  • Team Leader Dashboard

  • Inventory Management functionality

  • Material BOM

  • Pre-built solution extensions that enhance your SAP Asset Manager deployment

  • Reduce deployment time and cost

  • Provide a superior user experience 

Example Transaction Set:

  • Purchase Order Receiving

  • Stock Transfers

  • Physical Inventory

  • Issues against Reservations

  • Reversals

  • Material Stock Inquiry

  • Maximize inventory accuracy at the location and SKU level

  • Real-time view of MRO, raw materials, and finished goods inventory levels

  • Enabled through pre-built accelerators aligned with the way you work

Mirata Digital Forms Solution

Features: ​

  • Minimize deployment cost to digitize forms

  • 21 CFR Part 11 E-Signature Support

  • Flexible user experience

  • Workflow efficiency

  • Data integration

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Forms and workflow

Learn More

  • Digital forms for the enterprise

  • Enable a citizen development community to create forms and automated workflow

  • Improve business decisions by enabling access to real-time data

Customer Successes

“We are using the Mirata Digital Forms solution to perform inspections at the point of activity. Our team is also taking advantage of the approval routing capability for completed forms, which minimizes the cost and risk associated with meeting regulatory requirements.” - Tim K.

“We deployed SAP Asset Manager, but our managers didn’t have visibility to field activities. Havensight was able to quickly deploy their pre-built Team Leader Dashboard module which created immediate value for our field-based managers providing on-the-go dashboards with real-time data. Thanks Havensight!” - Luke P.

"By utilizing Havensight to implement Mirata Digital Forms, we were able to cut down on keystrokes for time entry and ensure that data was being collected at point of activity and entered into SAP in real time." - Hannah C.

SAP Mirata Digital Forms SAP Asset Manager
SAP Asset Manager Extension Dashboard

"We wanted to deploy Asset Manager but didn’t have a way to assign work orders.  The Self-Assignment extension from Havensight addressed this gap and allowed us to take advantage of SAP Asset Manager without the need to hire schedulers or deploy a complex scheduling solution." - Kristen E.

SAP Asset Manager Extension SAP Mirata Digital Forms
SAP Asset Manager extension SAP Digital Forms
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