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Implementations to ensure adoption and drive ROI

Havensight's approach is to lead with SAP native software wherever and whenever possible. We believe in enabling our clients to maximize their ROI with native SAP software and software add-ons that maximize adoption and value.  

Havensight consultants have years of real experience.  This experience enables our consultants to effectively value engineer deployments that balance user, functional and technical requirements and aligned with budget.


Our Offerings
SAP Mobility Solutions SAP Asset Manager SAP Work manager
  • Better data in real time equals more effective decisions

  • Increases worker productivity by nearly 50%

  • Real time visibility of field-based activity 

SAP Asset Manager SAP Work Manager SAP Mobility
SAP Asset Manager
  • Address modifications with prepackaged, certified extensions built to SAP standards

  • We strive to deploy standard SAP solutions in order to minimize total cost of ownership 

  • 25 years in the SAP Mobile space, giving us deep industry experience

SAP Asset Manager SAP Work Manager SAP Mobility
Mobile Inventory Transactions
  • Tracking of MRO, finished goods, and raw material inventory at point of activity

  • Improved inventory accuracy at the bin and SKU level by leveraging mobile and bar code technologies

  • Functionality includes Purchase Order Receiving, Physical Inventory, Issues against Reservations, Reversals,

SAP Multiresource Scheduling SAP Mobile Scheduling
SAP Scheduling
  •  Align back office planning with field based action

  • Increase profitability by eliminating manual re-entry of project details across multiple systems

  • Leverage SAP Multi-Resource Scheduling, SAP FSM, Asset Management for Resource Scheduling, SAP PM and SAP Asset Manager together to improve plant up time

SAP Plant Maintenance SAP EAM
SAP Plant Maintenance
  • Tie business decisions directly to relevant data

  • Maintain, monitor, and control the costs of valuable corporate assets

  • Leverage our real world experience to simplify your configuration and Master Data structures

SAP Plant Maintenance SAP EAM
SAP Plant Maintenance Continuous Improvement Program 


  • Transition from a reactive to a proactive maintenance organization

  • Minimize production downtime

  • Improve storeroom (MRO) operation and effectiveness

SAP PdMS Consulting SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service
  • Our team aligns structured, unstructured, and sensor data together to feed the SAP Predictive Asset Insights algorithmic engine

  • Use the SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) to track and share equipment usage information

  • Identify key data to measure and improve the performance of your assets with SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM)

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