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Solution Issues?
Maybe it's not your software,
perhaps it's your integrator

If you're having issues with your mobile solutions, it might not be your software that's the problem. Many enterprises struggle with issues caused by poor implementations. We specialize in cleaning up projects gone astray and getting them back on track. 

An improved user experience drives user adoption of your enterprise solutions which leads to increased ROI for your organization.

Enhancements and Rehabs

We Can Help You:
SAP Mobile Solutions Applications

Improve UX

SAP Mobile Solutions Applications

Adding Features You Didn't Know Could Be Done

SAP Mobile Solutions Applications

Decrease Sync Times

Customer Successes
SAP Mobility SAP Work Manager SAP Asset Manager

"Havensight tailored workflows within SAP Work Manager for specific groups of users. As part of the improved workflows for users, through automation we were able to reduce the number of clicks within Work Orders to complete tasks from 6 to 2."

- Large Oil and Gas Provider

"Our original implementor could not properly configure memory and caused long sync times in SAP Work Manager. Havensight decreased our sync time from SAP Work Manager by over 200%"

- Steel Manufacturer

SAP Work Manager SAP Asset Manager
SAP Work Manager SAP Asset Manager

"For six months after our original deployment of SAP Work Manager, completed by our large system integrator, we struggled with memory issues and servers crashing; ultimately rendering the product unusable. Havensight resolved these problems within two weeks."

- State Transportation Department 

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