Moving to the Cloud?
We have a plan for that. 

Migrate your mobile infrastructure to the Cloud to minimize your IT infrastructure costs and be more responsive to the business. Havensight offers a proven methodology and expert resources to deploy SAP Work Manager or SAP Asset Manager in the Cloud.

Cloud Migrations and Upgrades

Rapid Transformation Program

Below is a summary of Havensight's proven SAP Work Manager to SAP Asset Manager migration methodology 

SAP Work Manager SAP Asset Manager Support


Analysis of your current Work Manager configuration to determine what you've specifically configured

SAP Work Manager SAP Asset Manager Support


Work with you to determine which features you'll continue using in SAP Asset Manager

SAP Work Manager SAP Asset Manager Support


Determine how SAP Asset Manager should be configured to match your capabilities in SAP Work Manager

SAP Work Manager SAP Asset Manager Support


Fixed Price Delivery SOW

Customer Successes

"Our business sponsors had a number of requirements which were not completely addressed by SAP Asset Manager.  Havensight filled those gaps with pre-built application extensions and shortened our project timeline by a couple of months.  Very impressive!" - Max F.

"Other companies told us we would need to re-implement Work Manager when we wanted to move to the cloud.  Havensight was able to leverage all of the work that was done in our previous project.  I am so glad we found these guys!" - Joe R. 

"We are an SAP first company and were faced with having to choose between a 3rd party application and SAP Asset Manager.  With the help of Havensight's RTP program, we were able to quickly understand the transition from Work Manager and stay with SAP Native applications." - Brandon M.

SAP Cloud Migration SAP Asset Manager