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About Us

Our Navigating Principles
By the law of the sea, a “Safe Haven” is a port for a ship to take refuge in during hazardous times.  Think of Havensight as your “safe haven” for EAM related software and professional services.  Our highly experienced team has been stabilizing and improving applications for our customers, which were either not completed or deployed improperly by other systems integrators.  Don’t bail on your investment, it is probably not the software, it was the integrator.  Let us steer you and your team out of the choppy waters into the calm sea of the reliable and predictable solution you intended.
Our History

Havensight has deep roots with SAP mobility solutions. Our team is the same group that founded Syclo in 1995 and created what now serves as the SAP Mobile Platform and solutions which run on top of it, such as SAP Asset Manager.


After Syclo was acquired by SAP in 2012, our team created Havensight to combine our SAP and mobility expertise to focus on implementing these products for customers.  Additionally, we have expanded our capability to support deployments of SAP EAM, Multiresource Scheduling, Predictive Maintenance, SAP Fiori


Our philosophy is to take a pragmatic approach to projects that ensure our clients receive the intended business benefit.  We’ve been guided by this culture since the early days of Syclo, leading us to now having hundreds of successful deployments and thousands of delighted customers.

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