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Productivity Manager

Take the guesswork out of who, what, where, and when
Actively manage your team by quickly changing assignments, responsibilities  and the content of orders to align with customers’ needs.

Enjoy visibility of where teams are located so work is efficiently distributed and staffed by field resources.

Maximize productivity and improve future processes by eliminating unnecessary tasks.
Havensight Productivity Manager - Home Screen
Increase Visibility
Keep Track of Your Team
Havensight Productivity Manager App - Team Map
Send your team where they're needed most
Visibility of your team is vital to serving your customers efficiently.  Assigning orders to resources who are close to task locations saves both time and money.
Within the map view of Productivity Manager, you have the ability to visualize the locations of your field technicians.  From this view you can also select individual team members and view more specific details regarding their location and tasks.
Actively Manage
A Streamlined Approach to Managing your Team
Manage your workforce directly from Productivity Manager
Release Orders – After you create an order, use Productivity Manager to release orders so your team can begin delivering against these tasks.

Assign or Reassign Orders –Need to change who is assigned to an order? Quickly reassign the technician responsible for the order to keep things moving. This can be done one order at a time or in bulk.

Prioritize Orders –  If you have orders that need to be completed ASAP, change their priority or due date within Productivity Manager so your team can stay on track.
Havensight Productivity Manager App - Orders Screen
Communicate with Technicians in the Field
Update your team in real time
Your team relies on you for guidance. Productivity Manager assists in supporting your technicians while they’re in the field.

Append instructions on orders – even while they are being completed. This feature allows supervisors to edit notes and long text within orders and operations. Team members in the field see these changes in real time.
Havensight Productivity Manager App - Order Details
Maximize Productivity
View Attachments
Gain a better understanding of what your team is accomplishing
Technicians can add pictures, forms and other attachments within Work Manager while executing orders. These materials clarify their notes and are visible to supervisors directly in the order detail screen of Productivity Manager after synchronization.

This additional insight can provide valuable as managers continue in their search for efficiency and cost savings.
Havensight Productivity Manager App - View Attachments
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